Family Photographs:
My Stringer Relatives
The A. B. Stringer Family about 1890. From left:
William Thomas Stringer (b.1885)
Alexander Barkley Stringer (b.1850)
James Barkley Stringer (b. 1887 )
front, Mattie Louisa Stringer (b. 1882, daughter of A. B. Stringer by his first wife, Frances (Fannie) Prather)
Elizabeth Cyrus Sims Stringer (b. 1857)
Essie Burton Stringer (b. 1890 )
Alexander Barkley Stringer (b. 1850)
James Barkley Stringer and wife, Willie Clyde Ray Stringer
Mattie Louisa Stringer (b. 1885)
Stringer Family approx. 1905
in front of their home. A.B. Stringer died in 1904. 
From Left: Tommie, Bee, Essie, Elizabeth Cyrus Sims Stringer, Elizabeth, Sallie, and Mattie.