Corrinth, Miss May 23 1862

Dear Wife.
I agane seate my self to inform you that I am well and hope these lines will reach you safe and find you injoying the same like blesing of god
We have bin out 3 days and 2 nights
We was ordered out last Tuesday morning about a mile and a North West of this place and was ordered in line of Battel an then the order load was givin
the Pick ets wer firing very heavy in less than   mile
we wer kept in line for some time and we had to layout that night with our tents
we stretched some of our quilts and Blankets and don the best we could exspecting every minit to be ordered out to Battel as the Pickets wer firing very heavy tha sill kept up firing till the next day at 2 oclock and then the Batle begun heavy.

we wer helt back as [?] reserves  we wer ordered to retreat back on the hill and then the order was to lay down Which was don in a fiew minits  tha begun to throw bums over at our men tha fell all round us
Some Come very near striking our heads one ball hit the gronnd in about 15 step of us [?] in fronnt of [us?] and glanced and appeared that it dident miss my hed more than 2 feet the
Miny balls fell thick
the firing was kept up 2 ours and the enemy then seased firing
our loss was 2 kiled and 4 wounded and one of the kiled was Capt richerson
he was shot in the head [?]
our company exscaped intirely
The loss of the Yankeys is not asertamed yet

I was not exscited til the Bums began to fall around us and in fact I was not exscited but very little at all
I thank god that I esscaped and it is still my prarr to be spaired from sickness and from the enemy
Pray for me that I ma be spaired 

after the Batle we was ordered back to the camps and in about one hour we got ordered to go 1   miles out on the Farmington road
we lay into that night in an old field without any shelter an some of us came very near freezing
We had no fire at all we had to ly down on the cold wet ground all that night and the next night till dark and then cam to our Camps and slep without [rocking?]
We are looking every minit to be attacked but I am in hopes that we will not be

Charles Sanders is stationed in about 3 miles of us he has bin to see us twice he is well
he ses he cannot git to go home
The furlowing is about stoped hear [?]
I want to see you all very bad tho I cannot git to come home for some time
I want you all to do the best you can

We have very hard fair
We do not git hardly half a nouf to eat about 2 cracker or 2 or theree Biscuits has bin our alouce for 3 or 4 days
We get some Beef an a little Bacon and no Coffee hardly at all
one Biscuit and a little Coffee and a little peice of Bacon was all I got to eat for my breakfast this morning.
I  do not like no such treatment
some of the Boys grumbls very much.

Tho if I can [?] keep upon an git home I will be very thankful to my Maker
I am in hopes that we will get better fair after the exscitemint is over

Sarah I want you to rite to me how you all are doing
I want you to do the best you can and rite to me as often as you can
My mind is often on you all [?] 
rite regular. Every week as the mail will not pass from Pontotock bu once a week

I will hear give you the form to Back your letters
Corrinth Miss
J E Hudson Private in
Co (E) in the Cear of Capt
Nelson 41st Ridgment
Miss Vol

Sarah I want you to wright to me all the news you can rite how the people is gitting along with their crops
I want to no Whether you have got your corn plowed yet or not
While I [?] want to be shure and tell uncle Elkanah to Credit that Note of mine from the 8th of May

Sarah I want you to send me 5 or 6 envelops as tha ar hard to git hear eavery thing is scearce hear
We have drawed our Guns tha are caled the Spring Field Muscets
We gott some fiew what some calls the Enfield Rifle
as for my self I happend to git one of the Rifles tha are marked to hold up 1,000 yds tho I dont no tha have raised sitis
We also drew good oil cloth Napsacks

I must Bring my leter to a close so no more at Presant only I Remain yous untill Death.


This is one of two letters that are held in the Texas Archives Library, in Confederate Pension Application No. 24150 for Sarah J. Hudson (widow of J.E. Hudson).

Transcribed by Brenda Hardesty, 7-27-1993. This is the original spelling and punctuation, as well as I can decipher it. Questionable, indecipherable, or smudged words are enclosed in brackets.

John Elkaney Hudson's Civil War Letters