Pontotoc City, Miss. June 9, 1862

Dear Wife
I take the presant oppertunity of writing you a fiew lines to let you no how
I am I am not well at this time I have bin unwell for 2 or 3 Days
I was sent on ahead of the regment last Saturday morning and tha United about 3 0 clock that evening
the Regment got hear yesterday evening about 3 0 clock and I got hear about Dark in same evening.
I tell you it was all I could do to git hear.
I have had some vevor for 2 or Three Days
I am in hope I will soon be well.
I wish I could come home and stay wile I get well as I am so near home.
Tho the Chance is bad to come I would the gladist In the world to see you all.
If you have any Chance to come to see me I want you to come and see me as I cannot come to see you.
I would give anything almost to go home and stay till I git well
if you had any Chance to come you could come in a day it is only about 3O miles.

My Dear I want to see you as bad as I ever Did in my life
it looks like I could come home sometime you and I would be better satisfied.
If you have any chance to send me something to eat I would be glad.
We are 1 mile West of Tupelo in Andersans Division, Smithes Brigade tuckers Regment.

Dear Wife I want you to write to me soon if you cannot come to see me
I have not had any a washing done since I left home we have had no soap.
My Cloathes is all Dirty except ones.
if I had any chance I would send them to you for you to wash them.

Dear Wife I want you all to do the best you can and live faithful discharge your duty remember me in your prayers
if I git any worse I will try and git them to send me to the horpittle and then I may git to come
look over all bad writing for I can hardly write at all.
I  must bring my fiew lines to a close.
I will try to write more the next time.

The boys is all tolerable well except Hugh and Bill.
Tha are tolerable sick
Tell some of the connection to come to see us
Write to me and Ciss the Children for me
bles their little soles I want to see them
tell them to be smart and not forgit their Pa.

So no my only remains your loving Husband till Death.
J.E. Hudson to S.J. Hudson
John Elkaney Hudson's Civil War Letters