June 7th Sunday Evning

A fiew from J.E. Hudson to S. J. Hudson

Dear Wife,

as Elzey has bin writing & has left some blank I will now write you a fiew lines
this leaves me well & doing tollerable well
[?] hoping this will find you all well & doing well
[?] lack of doing well is your
if I could only be in your deliteful presants what a grate joy it would be to me, but alas I am fair from you.
but I still will continue to pray as I have done for my return home.

Sarah I had the pleasure to day of hearing about the best sermond preached that I ever herd.
it was preached by a man who lives in Columbus Miss.
he espects to preach for us again tomorrow.
We have prayr meeting hear nearly every night.
Well Sarah live faithful to God pray [?]
I ask an interest in the prayrs of all Christians to bear me up in me troubles for tha ar many now

My dear I want you to do the best you can for your selves.
I received a letter from you the other day bearing date of May the 24 & 25
I rote an answer to it the next day.
I have rote you 3 letters since Dave Sanders come.
Sarah it hert me very much [?}] think that I hurt your feelings by saying that I didnt believe that you did not want to write to me but I beg your pardon for I did not intend such a thing
I do believe that you write ever chance

auf about that, tell the childern I was very glad to reade their letters & to see their pretty little locks of hair but I had much rather see them
ciss them for me
tell them I am in opes that I get home time a nuf to eat water melones with them this year.

Sarah look the office at Pontotoc for letters for I may have the chance to send some their by hand

So I will close my letter.
give my best love & respects to all the connection

[?] will close by subscribing my name as your loving husband till death

J.E. Hudson [to?] S.J. Hudson

John Elkaney Hudson's Civil War Letters