No 1
July the 19th 1863

My dear Companion

I agin take the presant opportunity of writing to you this Sabath morning to inform you that I am still in the land of the Living, blest with a reasonable part of health for which I feel thankful to the giver of all good
hoping these lines may reach you in due time & find you all well & doing well
the Boys hear ar all well.

well my Dear I have taken my siate this Sabbath morning with the intention of writing you all this [illegible line] [?] up piece but if so please [?] for I cannot write hear in camps like I could if I wer off to my self
the noys in Camps always pesters me when I am a writing.
but I will do the best I can for the presant.

well Sarah I have not received a letter from you since the one you rote the 22 & 23 of June
I have rote you sevral since
I think this is the 4th one I have rite since I have rec but one from you
but I just think you ar waiting to send by Capt Nelson

we arived at Chattanooga in the 7th inst
we left Shelbyville on the 27 June
we had a very sevier march of it but as I have rote the most of the peticklers of our march in some of my other letters & I deem it unnessary to say more about it at the presant

our Brigade is no stationed hear on the rail road for the purpose of garding the Bridgs
all the Brigade exscept our Reg is staion [?] in the railroad near Bridport & our Regment is hear at Shellmound about 6 miles above Bridgeport near the bank of Tennessee River about 22 miles below Chattanoga.
I like our position hear very well
we have fine spring water to drink & ar not crowede with any other Troops exscept our own Reg
I would like to stay on this kind of duty till the war is over as we dont have to Drill nor guard around the Rigment.
it only takes one Company a day to gard the 3 different Bridges that we have to gard.
I am not able to say how long we will git to stay at this place
Some thinks if the yankees dont run us away that we will Proberly stay hear for some time

Sarah I will quite writing now till after preaching as the sign has sound[?] for preaching & Capt Ball is to preach for us

~Now after hearing a good sermon preached I will proceede to write my letter but I dont exscept to finish it today
ther is a man hear by the name of Nason who lives down near Parson Bonners & exscepts to start home some time this week
I though that I would write some to day so I would not have too much to write when he starts home for when I have to write in a grate hurry I cant think all I want to write.
I rote you a lteer the 15th ins & sent it by hand to Pontotoc by a young man by the name of Ausland who was a member of Capt Hodges Co.
he was discharged by being under age
the letter that I sent by him was a very Short one
I never had time to write but little after I found out when he ws agoing to start for sertin
You must look over such badly riton letters

well something about flower
you wanted to no what to do with her if She did not have a calf
I have rote it in 2 or 3 letters but I will write it agin
If she dont have a calf and you think that there is any danger of the government taking her or any dainger of the yankees coming in there & taking her I think you had better have her kiled & sold.
but you may do just as you please about it.
If you new that ther would be now danger of her being taken from you it mite be the best to keep her but you no more about that than I do myself

~Look on the other side of paper

[Note: This letter ends with nothing further and no signature, so it seems likely a page is missing from this letter.]

John Elkaney Hudson's Civil War Letters