Family Photographs:
My Jenkins Relatives
The Jenkins Family around 1906.
From left:
Roy Clyde Jenkins (b. 1894)
Jesse Mercer Jenkins (b.1901)
(front) William Boyde Jenkins (b. 1895)
Luvina Belle Conroe Jenkins (later Bobbitt) (b. 1875)
Annie Belle Jenkins (b. 1898)

The father of this family, William Boyde Jenkins (b. 1846) died in 1905.
The family home of Roy Clyde Jenkins, Sr. (b. 1894) and his wife Elizabeth Rice Stringer Jenkins.
Elizabeth Rice Stringer Jenkins and Roy Clyde Jenkins, Sr.
Elizabeth Rice Stringer Jenkins, daughter Dolora Beth Jenkins, Nieces Lorena Stringer and Blanche Stringer, Roy Clyde Jenkins, Sr.
approx. 1917
The Jenkins Family in 1942. From left: Jesse Glenn (Chin), (front) Stringer, Roy Clyde, Jr., (front) Stringer, William Barkely (Chunck), Roy Clyde, Sr., Elizabeth, Dorothy, Lola, Dolora. Nieces Lorena and Blanche were already grown and away from home when this picture was taken.