S J Hudson A Sanders Pontotoc Cty Miss

Camp Bishop. Shelbyville Tennessee. Jan the 30th AD.18.63

Dear & and affectionate Wife.

I again take my seate to drop you a fiew lines to inform you that I am well at presant for which I feel thankful to God.
hoping theis lines will reach you safe & find you you all injoying the same like blesing of God.
Sarah, I have nothing of very grate importance to write to you at this time. as I have rote you Severl letters since we have bin at this place & have not received any answers from you
We received a letter from you Pa a few days ago. which he sent by [?] dated the 6th inst which We wer glad to hear from you all & to hear that you was well.
but Sorry to hear that Martha was not well.

We came to this place the 10th inst & have bin lying hear ever since. & have not had any drilling or anything ofthe sort to do.
We jest Cut Wood & make fiers & do our Cooking & eating. & Set around the fiers.
We have had pretty cold wether hear for the last week.
it has snowed hear [?] some 2 days this week. but the sun is shining very pretty today.
We have had orders to put up ordinary Shantys,
the most of the Meses has made Shelters. but our mess has not made anyone yet.
We have got a very good tent at last & can make out very well if the weather is no colder than has bin
Myself Elisha. Elzey Tom. Alexander Sanders. James Harison & Tom Sullivan is a mess to gether.
Tha are all well withe the exsception of colds.
Simson is also well exscept bad cold
We have not herd any thing of Martin yet
We are very anccious to hear from him.
Sarah, We all sint money home last Tuesday by a [?] Mr. Culllins of Capt Balls. Co.
I sent you $90.00
elzey sent 30 dol
Elisha sent $105.00 dollars.
Tom Sanders sent 40.00 dollars to his mother.
James Harison sent 60.00 to J.D. Sullivan
T.G. Sullivan sent 52.00 dollars to his pa.
Each one of us sent our money in separate packs with a littel strip of paper around it, and the Names of each ones money on the Strip of Paper & we then Put them all in one Pack & diredted it to the cear of John Mcneil o Pontotoc to E.B. Sanders.

Sarah I only kept $19.25 cts for my own purposes
I would have sent you one hundred dollars but I did not no what mite happen that I mite need money
We drew our wages up to the first of January. & our competition money up to the 8th of Oct.
I drew 21 dollars of competition money Sarah.
I want you to put your money to as good purpose as you can
Pay pa what you ow him if he needs it & tell him I thank him for letting you have money.
if you have not bought Corn annuff to do you by as soon as possible & if you have not got any salt yet & can git any by it.
I am afraid you have not got salt to save meat to do you.
I was sorry to hear that the mast was injured their.
I am afraid your hogs did not git fat enuf to make meat & was sorry that I could not send you money sooner to By Corn to fatten your meat.
I was in hopes that the hots would git in order for Pork on the mast.
So that you could sell all you could While it is a good price,

Sarah I want you to write to me oftener & write all the news.
I think I have rote you about 25 letters since I left [Tupelow?]. & I don't think I have got more than a dozen from you.
I wish we could git to hearing from each other oftener than we do
I want you to write to me whether you git any letters from me or not, but I will try & write to you one a week any how.
I want to see you worse than I ever did in my life
I am in hopes the time will not be long when I can come home and stay at home.

Some thinks the war will soon brake & I Pray that it may. for I want to come home worse than I ever did, and if I ever do git home I think that I will stay at home let what may come for I will no how to appreciate home if I ever git back agin
I supose that it is in the papers that England ses that their has bin annuf Blood Shed alreaddy and that the War Shal be stoped soon.
& I do hope & trust that the Lord may devise some means to stop this wicked War & let Husbands and Wives and fathers & sons & all relations meat at home once more & their injoy our selves to gether once more With our bosom friends who we have so long bin sepperated from.

Sarah I want you to still remember me in your Prayrs which I feel sertin you do
Their is never a day pases but What I remember you in my Prayers
Sarah I want you to do the best you can for you selves & try & raise the littel children the best you can
Ciss them for me & tell them to be smart & mind what you tell them to do.
Elisey I want you to be a smart girl & help Sarah do the Work.

Sarah We herd from Elijah yesterday he was well.
We herd from H[M?] & W.J Rodgers sometime ago tha wer well.
tha wer at still at Winchester waiting on the sick.
We have not herd from J.E. Sanders Since he was sent to Atlanta Hospittel about the first of November I believe,

Sarah I must soon bring my letter to a close.
do not delay in answering it

So no more a Presant only I still remane yours till Death

J.E.H to S.J.H

This is one of two letters that are held in the Texas Archives Library, in Confederate Pension Application No. 24150 for Sarah J. Hudson (widow of J.E. Hudson).
John Elkaney Hudson's Civil War Letters