Shelbyville, Tennessee, Monday Evning January the 12th 1863
Mrs Sarah J. Hudson
Dear Companion

I once more take [the?] pleasure of writing you to let you no that I am still in the land of the living and injoying good health for which I feel thankful to the giver of all [good?] hoping this may reach you & find you all injoying [the?] same like blessing [from?] heaven

I jest received the letter you sent to me by [illegible word] Hood yesterday evning
I was glad to hear from you once more
[about eight illegible words] could be expected
I would like to [see?] that little stranger very well
I herd from you a week or more ago in the letter your pa sent to Martin Elzey Dated Dec 18 & 21st   

Sarah I have a grate deal to write to you at this time
We have had a very seveir battle at Murfreesborro on the 30 & 31st [int?] which was as hard fiting as ever has bin sinc the war begun I recon & thank the Lord I came out without a scrach
0 thank him for ever more the boys all came threw safe in the too days battel but we had a battel of about one our & a half on Saturday night & I am sorry to say that Martin is missing  
he went in the battel & when the battel was over he was missing & we have not [seen?] him since but I supose their was a [man?] that put one of our men on the wagon & we suposed it to be Martin [as?] he was the only one mising from our reg[iment?]
the man said [illegible word] was shot threw the arm.
we air uneasy about him but I am in hopes it was him that was sent to the Hors Pittle.

We left Murfreesboro that nigh [illegible word] and came to Shelbyville the next day & then we were ordered onto Alasonia
we got to Alasonia the 3d day after we left Murfreesboro & the same evning we got to Alasonia
we was ordered back to this place
we only rested one day at Alasonia
we had a seveir march it rained & the roads was very muddy.
We was very much fatigued
we had bin put on picket [9 days?] without any tents & it rained severl stormes [?] in the time, and was very cold in the time we was out.
I never new what exspsier [experience? exposure?] was before, but I am glad that it was no worse than it was.

Some calls the Battle the 9 days Battle for our pickets was fiting hard every day.
We made Brest Workes with railes and lay behind them exspecting to be in the fight ever our,
our Brigade was not in the first dys Battle.
it was on our right wing.
We whiped the yankeys bad.
We drove them back some distance.
I supose that tha acnowledge them selves that we whiped them

I want that to be the last Battle that I. will be in for it is worse than I exspected.
their loss is suposed to be 1400 kiled & wonded & ours 4 or 5 thousand kiled & wonded but their is no sertin [several illegible words].
I am not able (?) to say how many we lost out of our regt, [illegible word] not a grate many
We only lost one kiled of our company.
that was Al Wats he was kiled dead on the feild but severl was slitly wonded
Tom Sanders was slitly wonded in the leg but has got about well Alexander Mayhew was slitly wonded on the head and also Ben Phillips & ordly Piggee but non of them seriesly wonded.

tha say that tha ar sending all the wonded home that will not be able for duty in 30 days.
I am inhopes that Martin was sent to the Horse Pittle & if he was I think he will be sent home soon.

Sarah I want to see you and the Childern wars than I ever did.
I want you to write oftener to me than you do.
it is all the satisfaction I see is to hear from you
I would like to read a letter from you every Week at least.
do not wait till you hear from me every time before you write.
write all the peticklers.

I am sorry that the yankeys is in our contry but I am inhopes tha will not do much damage their.
We will not give up Tennessee yet much less Mississippi but I had rather give up ever thing that I possess in this world [?] to come home to you all.
I am exsposed to a grate deal of danger but I will put my trust in the Lord the only help I no.
I want you to pray for me that I may go threw this war safe and for the happy day to come when I may return to my home to the ones I so dearly love.
What a happy time it would be for me to return home once more and find you all alive and well.

Sarah my dear live faithful & if we never meat on earth agin lets try to meat each other in heaven wheir their is no more parting no more wars nor disappointments

the Boys is all well that is hear
Bill & Hugh [or Hughes] is still at Winchester waiting [?] on the sick
I have got 3 letters from them since tha was sent their.

Sarah I must soon close my letter I could write as much more if I had the time it is gitting nearly dark and some of the Boys ses that their is a man going to start to Pontotoc in the morning from our regt & if he dos I want to send this letter by him
look over all bad writing and speling for I have rote this in a hurry.
I have not rote near all I wanted to write.

Give my love to Pa & Ma & Martha & receive a large portion to your self
so no more at presant only I still remain your loving Husband & will as long as life last


John Elkaney Hudson's Civil War Letters