Camp Bishop near Shelbyville, Tennessee
Saturday Morning
Feb.the 28 1863

My Dear Wife.

I this morning avail my self of the oppertunity of writing an Answer to your kind and longe looked for letter, which came to hand last evening dated the 1st & 8th inst, which gave me great satis­faction to hear from you one time more, and also to hear that you all was well,
this Caries me in good health, for which I feel very thankful to God the giver of all good, and hoping this may reach your hand and find you and the sweete littel children well and doing well.

Sarah, I do not believe that I have any thing of importance to write at presant but I will try & write you as interresting & loving letter as I can, but, I cannot write nothing like I could talk to you if I could see you,
but as it is that I can not see you for a while, but I do hope & pray that the long looked for & happy time will soon come when we may have the good pleasure of meeting each other agin, & injoy the sweete pleasure of our home together.
0, how oft have I prayed for that time to come & will as long as I am absent from the, or as long as I shal live & if it should be the good Lord's Will that we shal never meate on Earth, I pray that we may meate in that brite World above, wheir their is no seperations, no wars, no disappointments but wheir all will be peace happiness forever & ever more.
Sarah do live faithful to your Maker & let it be as the good Book Ses when we come to die well don thou good & faithful Servants thou has bin faithful over a fiew things I will make thou ruler over many.
enter thou into my Joys.

Sarah if Cristains ever did Pray, now is the time, for now is the grate Strugel Contrys defence & their is many that has spilt their Blood in its defence.
0, the sites that I have seane of Pore soldiers groning Bleeding & dying,
it is a horable site in Battle to see the men faling on the right & left & in front & also in the rear
it is such a site that I never want to experience it agin.
it appears that non can not esscape when the Balls is coming apparently as thick as hail,

Sarah you wanted to no how many letters I have got from you since I got back from Kantuckey, I can't say exacly how many, but I have not got many,
You also wanted to no whether I got my clothes or not, yes I got them all as I have rote time & agin
you say that you have not got but 4 letters from me since we got back from Kantuckey,
I am surprised that you have not got nomore than 4 letters, I have rate a grate many.
I cannot tell you how many I have rote to you.
I rote severl while I was at this place before,
I recolect of writing one the last & first now one the 10th Je & then we left hear & went to Eagleville, Tenn.& their I rote severl letters but that was about the time the Yankeys went threw Pontotoc & I exspect that they desstroyed them.
We went from Eagleville to Murfreesboro & their I rote one the 20th one the 24th besides severl others that I don't recolect the dates & after the Battel we came back to this place which was the 10th Jan. & you say that you got a letter from me dated the 12 Jan.
I beleive that was about the first one I rote after the Battel & since that I think I have avereged one every week since & some times I have rote as many as 2 a week.
I have sent the most of them by hand too.

I sent you a fine combe in a letter that I sent by mail while I was at this place before.
I bought 2 and kept one myself,
I sent you a finger ring in a letter some time a go, it is one of my own make
it is made of a Gutta percha button & if you get it write to me,
I sent the letter by hand by a man that was agoing down some where about Okalona.
I have made another one of the same material & one of Mussel shell and I exspect to send them to you the first good oppertunity I have,
the Gutta percha rings sells hear from 2 to 3 dollars a peice,
Sarah if you get the one I sent to you, keep it, & if I send the others give the white one to Mary Ann and give the Black one to the baby & you can keep them for them till tha git large anuf to take cear of them thenselves but if you don't git the one I sent to you. I want you to have the black one you self, if I can get to send them to you,

Sarah I have made some money a speculating on candy & some on appels but I have not made more than 10 or 15 dollars I recon.
We can by Candy in Town from 8 to 10 dollars a Bail
a Bail has only about 60 to 80 sticks in them and we sell from 4 to 6 sticks to the dollar.
I don't like to specelate that way, but if we don't specelate some we can't keep up with the times for we some times run scearse of Provisions & have to by, & some times by a chicken or something of the sort,
this is a grate place to spend money,

I sent you 90 dollars some time ago by a Mr. Cullins.
Your Pa rote the day he mailed our letters that he got it that day.
I only drew 109 dollars & 25 cts.
I would have sent you jore, but I was a fraid that I mite need some by self,
I had barred some from the Boys & I had to pay them Back
We was musterd for 2 months wages to day, & I recon We will draw soon & then I exspect to send the most of it to you when I can git a good chance,
I was glad to hear that you had got salt,
you did not say how mutch you got fer Pound for the meat you sold.
I wish you could by another milk cow.
If you can get one at a resonable price & have the money to spair.
Sarah if you make a crop begin early as possible

tell Dick that Bery Harden is not hear now he is gone to the Hospittel & I don't no when he will be back.

Sarah you wanted to no what sort of clothes I wanted for summer.
I don't want you to make me any clothes, for you have a nuff to do to clothe your self & the children
don't put yourself to any trouble to make clothes for me.
I thank you for my gloves & shirt.
My gloves is not so small but what I can wair them.
I like them very well.
My shirt Collar & respans is too small.
I am fater. I recon than you ever saw me in your life.
I only way one hunderd & 58 ˝.
the Camps agrees with me fine.
Sarah, you may make me a pair of cloth galeses if you pleas if you have any chance to send them to me.
I have drawed 3 pairs of shoes since I left home.
We have to pay from 6 to 10 dollars a pair,
I want to no if you all have shoes or not & what you have to pay for shoes,
everything is very hy hear in the army.

the Boys is all well exscept Simson he has bin rite porly for severl days, but he is gitting well.
Dan come in this morning, he has not got rite well yet.
We have not herd any strait news from Martin yet,

tell Dick to not ride the colt two much, & ride it moderate.
I supose we have to go on picket next Monday,
I dread it too because we have to go for 8 miles & stay a week at a time.
We was on picket about 2 weeks ago.

I believe I have rote all that is worth writing,
I want you to write to me often for it gives me grate satisfaction to get a letter from you,
write all,the news you no,
give my love to all the Connection & receive a large pDrtion your self.
Ciss the children for me & tell them to be smart & mind wat you tell them,

So nomore at presant only I still remain your loving but Absent Husband till Death.

J.E. Hudson to S.J. Hudson

you need not send any Blanket for I have got one
I would like to have my Testament if you can send.

John Elkaney Hudson's Civil War Letters